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Created by a product of Central Massachusetts. A brand founded on the individual expression of self, confidently through style, regardless one’s height. Representing luxury designer wear that recognizes and embraces all sizes and shapes.

AMILLI EXCLUSIVE™ is built on uplifting personality, self-expression, and individuality. Contributing towards a bolder appearance and expression of style. Our products serve as means to restore self-confidence. 

Inspired by the influence of subcultures that created and were created by 90s, early 2000s, and today's hip-hop movements.

Founded and led by Zach Auguste since 2020, AMILLI® embodies the essence of a dynamic culture that has had and

continues to have a profound impact on American culture as a whole.

A true body of work focusing on quality, comfort, and exclusive style. These three core concepts are applied to the construction of all

AMILLI EXCLUSIVE™ products. Our services are not only a reflection of our creativity but our culture’s influence.


AMILLI® is an independent, exclusive luxury wear brand established in 2021.

All AMILLI® products are purposely created in limited supply. Each design is exceedingly rare. All AMILLI® collections will vary, as no two will be

the same. Every future collection will bring fresh, new trendsetting styles. Once a collection is sold out, that collection will not

be remanufactured.

Dress confidently knowing AMILLI® is not about making clothes, it’s about making you feel great when wearing them.

Recreate your style with the AMILLI EXCLUSIVE™ brand, dress how you deserve to feel!


Join the AMILLI EXCLUSIVE™ owner’s club with your purchase! The world’s latest exclusive luxury wear brand culture.

We are grateful for your support.


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